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What To Expect From Apples WatchOS 6

Apple today is releasing watchOS 6.1.3 to the public with bug fixes and improvements. The update includes a fix for an issue that prevented the irregular heart rhythm notification from working as expected for Apple Watch owners in Iceland.

What to expect from Apple’s watchOS 6

But if you're curious about what's new, or are thinking of upgrading from an older Apple Watch device, here are all the differences between the Apple Watch Series 8 vs. Apple Watch Series 7, from price and design to feature and battery life.

This design carries over to the Apple Watch Series 8 design, almost exactly, from what we can tell. The biggest difference is the color selection, with the Apple Watch Series 8 coming in Midnight, Starlight, Silver and Product Red. Blue and Green have left the building.

Congratulations for your review!I think you are totally right on the navigation feature. Creating a route, uploading it on the watch and havingthe device indicating on preloaded topo maps that you are on the path (i do not speak about turn-by-turn navigation) is absolutely a must.I could not imagine doing an extreme mountain trekking in winter without such a featurebecause when the weather suddenly changes and when the wind starts to become very strong and snowing at 3000 meters or more, you even see nothing around you in a perimeter of 10 meters!. And youloose also the sense of direction/orientation.It is so reassuring/comfortable when a watch keeps watching your path and indicates if you are on the pathand in the right direction too, with all the metrics delivered in real time. I think basic topo maps preloaded are alsonecessary, they do not need to be detailed with the name of the road etc., but we need to see the trekkingpaths and where we are to avoid confusion deciding the path we need to choose (intersections).We need also to have an exact elevation profile (and all the metrics) so we can manage the effort to arrive at destination.I speak about my experience and how a manage this stuff when i go trekking in wild environments.I prepare them, always, no improvisations! I never go out and randomly go somewhere and then, when I am lost, use the backtrack feature.We need also to inverse the route. Telling the watch that from now we go back on the same route andall the metrics correctly recalculated based on the route we have store in the watch.Of course, we have Apps which have such a feature, but I think too, this one must be implementedin the watch by default and optimized to save precious battery live, like the siren, the alarms when we fall etc..So, I hope Apple will implement this very soon because it will be the only watchwhich will cover a 360 degrees vision based on a safety considering the ability to have LTE, Phone, Alarm, Siren etc..Sure, some watch has weeks of autonomy or monthsbut regarding the added value based on safety features, I personally prefer to take eventually an additional light battery pack to have the bestreliable, rugged device on which I can totally rely (do not reboot as some watch) when I gotrekking in what could be a very, very hostile environments.So yes, I agree, and again hope Apple will implement this very soon.

I really enjoy following your product reviews. Yesterday, I tested the Apple Watch Ultra during a 1,600 meter indoor pool swim workout. Coming from a Garmin 6X Pro Solar, the Ultra performed better than expected. Although the Ultra was accurate and correctly displayed a total of 1,600 meters at the end of my workout, it often displayed a small variance in the total number of accumulated meters. For example, at 600 meters, the display provided a total lap count of 24 laps, and a distance of 605 meters. However, after a few more laps, the Ultra self-corrected and displayed the correct distance in meters. The Ultra counted flutter kicks and breast stroke kick laps. I did not test dolphin kicks. (Garmin does not count kicks, and must be added manually). All other strokes were recorded accurately.

Couple of important notes:-you need to disable wrist detection from the settings under Passcode, otherwise the watch will lock itself and pause the workout, once you take it off your wrist-using a standard charging puck with an USB-A power bank is a slow charge, I think I got 2 % per 10 minutes. I was streaming music through LTE, so that naturally did affect the charge time via larger battery drain. I will order an USB-C PD powerbank and try this with the new fast charging puck, I figure that it will be somewhat faster charging.

My apple series -6 (Gps) watch gets hanged and then display turns off got it fixed yesterday from apple service centre and within half an hour I found similar issue. Fed up with the product, need a replacement can you help

I have the same issue than Ckare above. Apple watch seties 6 enlarge the screen randomly wo any reason than I cannou use it at all. I guess beeds to wait till battery running out than hoping after recharge the screen size will be back to normal. Not really the expected functionality from an expensive apple product to be hounest

In recent watchOS updates, Apple made a choice where replying back to a message using the 'dictation' feature would simply create a transcript of what you said and send that to the user on the other end. Previously, a voice message would be sent by default. So, in case you were wondering how you can send voice messages from Apple Watch running watchOS 6, we'll show you how to do it. But we will even take things up a notch with a great little option that will even ask you whether you want to send a transcript or a voice message.

Some analysts noted that Apple reported $2.6 billion in revenue from the company's "Other Products" segment, which includes the watch. That's about $952 million more than the previous quarter, when the watch had not yet gone on sale, or significantly less than the $1.8 billion in watch sales that analysts surveyed by FactSet were expecting.

"We know that, for us to be successful, we need to innovate all the time," he added. "But when you look at what we've launched in the last 12 months, I think you can conclude that we're in great shape from the innovation standpoint." 350c69d7ab


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