Getting back to our roots. 

Grown and Manufactured in the USA using Organic Methods.


 From a dream to reality...

Acadia Farms started on a picturesque, New England, late July day. My father and I were in my garden working and talking. He had jokingly told me, "The only thing you love more than growing plants, is helping people." I had laughed and said, "You're right, now if only I could make a living doing that." I didn't realize it that day, but that was the start of my journey down a path I had not expected. Months later after my father had passed from his long battle with cancer, I looked back on that moment and it gave me the determination to believe in myself and start a business where I can help people with what nature provides.



Throughout the years we, as a culture, have learned just how much of an impact organic vs. conventional methods have on people, food, animals and the planet. In a day and age when food is more modified and processed than ever before, we feel it is even more important to maintain organic methods and practices. For this and many other reasons, it was no choice at all whether to source conventional hemp or that which had been grown with organic methods and practices to ensure quality, purity, and sustainability. We searched far and wide across this great country to find the very best farmers with the practices that most closely aligned with our philosophy and mission. In the end, we have gathered an outstanding collective of like-minded individuals who work together tirelessly to provide the very best in organic, sustainable hemp-derived CBD products.

Our hemp is sourced 100% from federally licensed domestic farmers. With so many companies offering CBD products, we felt it was imperative to differentiate ourselves in the market by sourcing only the highest quality hemp available. For that reason, we deal exclusively with domestic farmers who have passed our rigorous examination with the highest marks. We are dedicated to providing industry-leading quality in a 100% sustainable matrix. With every part of the hemp plant having multiple uses, limiting waste is not only one of our goals but is completely achievable. In such a developing market we feel it is important to maintain our integrity and employees'  job security, making sure that all the jobs and profits from our company stay right here in the United States, providing for Americans.

With the opening of the CBD market came an influx of imported hemp of questionable and sometimes even contaminated origins. Hemp has phytoremediation properties, that is to say, that the hemp plant removes impurities or toxins in the soil, ranging from heavy metals to radioactivity. It is currently being used to clean up the Chernobyl site in Pripyat, Ukraine. Knowing where and how the hemp is grown is a crucial component to providing clean products. To ensure our products' purity, we have our crude oil tested by two accredited third-party labs and then crossreference those results. We then again, two-tier lab test post product formulation. We strive to provide industry-leading transparency and peace of mind, so we go one step further and provide certificates of authenticity from the lab on all our products.