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Edgar Mironov

What You Need to Know About Schneider-Electric Unity Pro XL v.7.0 Crack.29 Before Downloading It

i have the whiteface version of the rt2 and i love it. it can really pump, even in a amp with no mid control, it will give you that really pacy sound. i can make it a bit more dirty if i want to. i only use it when i am not using the classic pedals though and i never noticed the lack of mid control control ever. i have read its not needed and you dont really notice the lack. there is some gain but there is also some low gain. i agree with the previous posts that the top and the bottom are there to widen the sound. i dont use them all the time so that the sound can still be quite pacy. it also has a beautiful sound when used solo. i use it for soloing on my solo albums. i also use it to get a clean sound with highs which is helpful for me.

Schneider-Electric Unity Pro XL v.7.0 x86 x64 [2012, ENG] Crack.29

i'd been told i should be looking for an adapter that would allow me to plug two amps into one 1/8" jack but i've noticed the unity pro xl looks more like a 1/4" jack (at the back) for the 1/4" output isn't as accessible as on a previous amp like the sunface..

hi, when i look into the expression fuzz i see a normal 1/4" jack and an xl jack for the overdrive output. is it safe to assume that this xl jack is only used for the overdrive input? thanks for your help

hi i'm also looking at the schneider unity pro xl. the only differences i notice on it, is that it's a 1/4" jack output and xl jack for the overdrive. is it safe to assume that the 1/4" jack is for overdrive signal and the xl jack is only used for the overdrive? cheers james

hi there, i have a fender blues driver booster. it's the original amp without the effects. i have two amps and two cabinets. my question is, is it safe for me to get the amp and cab and only run the amp into the top cabinet? or will i need to also use an adapter that will also deliver the cab into the boost? thanks! jonah


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