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Buy Used Gun Safe ((EXCLUSIVE))

One of the most important parts of responsible firearm ownership is proper storage. As a gun owner, you must consider the safety of yourself and the other people in your home, as well as the risk of someone stealing your firearms. A gun safe can keep firearms out of reach of children and prevent theft in the event of a break-in. A reliable gun safe can also help keep your firearms in top condition by keeping out moisture and other substances that may damage your guns over time. A gun safe can be a fantastic investment that offers security and peace of mind.

buy used gun safe


Before you start shopping, come up with a list of criteria that are important to you in your purchase. Start by narrowing down your options to the type of gun safe you want. Some gun owners prefer smaller, easily concealed safes for their handguns and larger, locker-style safes for long guns. Other gun owners may want a multifunctional safe that can hold firearms as well as other valuable items.

Once you know what type of safe you want to buy, you can start talking to sellers to see what they have to offer. There is an endless assortment of used gun safes available from trustworthy sellers and making an informed first purchase can save you money in the long run.

You must also consider what type of locking mechanisms and additional security features you want. Some newer safes feature fingerprint scanners and other biometric security features that can keep your firearms even more secure. Some gun owners prefer the reliability of mechanical locks and bolts. Whatever your preference, remember that newer safes with digital security features are generally more expensive than traditional mechanical locking safes, even for used purchases.

Never purchase a safe from a manufacturer that has since gone out of business. This will completely nullify your chances of securing any type of warranty coverage, and the safe maker may have gone out of business due to subpar products. Only purchase a used safe if the manufacturer is still in business so you can get in touch with them about any future issues.

Check the lock before you buy. Have the seller show you the combination to the safe, and then close and re-lock it. Have the seller repeat this a few times, and then try to do the same yourself. Only hand over your money once you are certain you can reliably lock and unlock the safe.

Think about the future. Larger safes will be impossible for thieves to move, so keep this in mind as well during your buying journey. While you may only own one or two handguns now, you may decide to purchase a rifle or shotgun later. A larger safe will be more secure and offer flexibility and security for years.

For items weighing over 150 lbs we include a free curbside delivery, this will get the truck to your home or business, they will unload the safe with a lift gate to the ground level. The carrier will call in advance to schedule delivery. Depending on the weight of the safe you may want to arrange for additional help to bring the safe inside. Please contact us before the item ships if you live on a rural route, area not serviced by freight carriers, or on an Island. If you have a narrow, steep, or inaccessible driveway for an 18 wheel truck and trailer, you will need to upgrade to our Bronze, Gold or Platinum level service (generally delivered on a 26' truck). If inaccessible by a 26' truck or larger, please call us for further options.

Most of the safes that I own and have owned were purchased used. Several circumstances made this possible. I owned a truck and trailer to move the safes with. I had a wide circle of friends that owned safes and knew when I was looking to get one. I have never had a bad experience buying a used safe.

So, buying a used gun safe is not a bad idea. Also, selling your safe is a great way to upgrade to that new safe you really want with all those great features you just have to have. With that out of the way, you do need to be aware of some considerations before you decide to proceed.

Some of your desired features may be possible to add to an otherwise-working safe that lacks them. Lock interfaces can be changed from dial to keypad, and msot newer safes could even take biometric. Shelving, lights and other interior changes, for the most part, are no big deal. Cost is the only thing to factor into your decision when it comes to addable features like these.

The value price proposition works generally on the 60/40 rule based on my research, based on the age and condition of the safe. Now, this is not a hard and fast rule, but rather a ballpark to get your mindset in the right place. A safe less than 10 years old and in excellent condition can go for 60% of its retail price. An undamaged safe over 10 years old and in operable condition will often sell for 40% of its retail price.

Whether you decide to keep or change the combination, you want to ensure that the safe can be opened with its current mechanism. Have the seller write the combination on a card, and open the safe several times from the card before you hand over the money. Tape the card to the top of the safe and take a picture with your phone. This will save you money no matter what you end up doing with it later.

If you are selling a safe, consider whether you have access to a neutral meeting place to show it, rather than bringing strangers to your home. I have had friends allow me to store a safe that I was selling at their place of business, in the back. I would think that renting a small storage space for a month could work as well.

When looking to purchase a gun, it is essential to consider whether buying a new gun or a used gun is right for you. With a wide range of new and used options out there, be sure to weight the pros and cons of each option to ensure you are choosing what best suits your needs and your budget.

When purchasing a used gun in good working condition, you can expect to save between and 20-30% or more when compared to the cost of a brand-new gun. Keep in mind that it is your job to determine if the used gun is in proper working condition, so be sure to check that all the controls of the gun function the way they are supposed to. Here are some tips for checking the quality of different used guns:

Because safe techs install very heavy commercial safes professionally, they are also discrete and less likely to damage your home. The factory-direct gun safe manufacturers usually use these companies for local installation and service of their products. Some of these safe experts have contributed to gun forums for years.

Most electronic units are unreliable and/or unsafe. Many can be opened by poking them with a paperclip or bumping them, often without any permanent damage. My small gun safe article includes videos for proof, as well as better options for small-gun safes. Another article covers biometric gun safes. Biometric handgun safes have all of the issues of electronic keypad handgun safes, and then some more.

There are hundreds of different options for locking up guns. Not all options will work for your situation. For example, small diversion or hidden gun safes get most of their security from being inconspicuous. If they are discovered by a thief, they are easy to get into. They might still fit into your layered security strategy.

Expect a vault door to cost almost as much as a whole safe, and then you still have to build the vault. Also time consuming steps may be required. For example, the vault opening may need to be completed to take precise measurements before the custom vault door can be ordered.

Most true safes are too small for long guns, with the exception of jewelry store safes. A few manufacturers including Graffunder, American Security (AMSEC), Brown, etc. make true safes large enough for long guns. These safes are expensive brand new (much cheaper used) and very heavy but offer the best protection. True safes come with and without fire protection. Fireproofing can add serious weight because concrete amalgamate is predominantly used for fireproofing true safes.

True safes have a construction rating of B-Rate or better and provide real protection from brute force attacks. Higher rated safes will additionally provide protection from power tool attacks and may carry a UL 687 Test for Burglary-Resistant Safes rating.

Safe and gun safe manufacturers offer a variety of customization variety of customization options. These range from steel reinforcement in commonly attacked areas to torch-resistant stainless steel inner liners to abrasive additives to the concrete fireproofing to defeat cutting attacks.

Because commercial grade gun safes are more commonly customized, many of these manufacturers offer options like a left-swinging gun safe door. Some of them like Brown will do so at no additional charge.

In general, two smaller safes offer more flexibility than a single double-door safe. For commercial safes, double door models will be tested to the same standards as single door models. Double door commercial safes will be just as secure as single door models.

If you want the convenience of an electronic keypad combination lock and the reliability of a mechanical dial combination lock, you might be able to have your cake and eat it too. Many commercial safe companies offer the option to include both types of lock from the factory, configured so that one or both locks are required to open the door. Some companies charge a fortune for factory customization, so you can also check with a safesmith to see if he can install a second lock on your gun safe cheaper.

Gun safe manufacturers like Sturdy, Fort Knox, and Patriot have started to offer this feature too. Fort Knox for example ships you the gun safe with the same combination for both locks from the factory to make it easier to remember (until you change them). The article What to Look for in a Gun Safe covered what type of gun safe lock to choose.

However, due to the ease of moving you may keep it longer. Or, you may recover some of the extra money by not having to pay safe movers over and over. Remember that gun safes with external hinges are already somewhat modular because the door (30 to 50% of the weight) can be removed to go up or down stairs. 041b061a72


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