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"Um, Uverse is here."Um, kind of. I called AT&T six (6) times to install UVERSE. I lost three work days for an install truck that never came. When one did come I was telling the guy how to do his job. They dropped out of the last three service calls, every single time. I was sent from CSR to CSR until I didn't know what planet I was on. Pathetic! The installer didn't know if they had to do dry loop; nobody was sure about how to handle my current provider; and on, and on. Pathetic!And, it turns out that UVERSE uses a technology that is not scalable, or adaptable to new developments. Gee, that means you're going to have to call ATT again. Huzzah!! NOT!Comcast? You must be kidding. I'm now paying almost $120 for Comcast junk (most of it). I'm canceling next week. Comcast rates keep rising faster than inflation. Verizon? Oh, you mean the company that collected BILLIONS in service fees to install fiber, YEARS ago, and didn't? Wake up and smell the corruption, folks. We have been had by the large telecommunication providers. - - e.g. Just compare your domestic mobile service (ATT, Sprint, Verizon, etc.) to what you get in Asia or Europe. Check you wallet.We are a dumbed down population, willing to believe anything that we see in a commercial. Funny thing: the way things are going, your kids are going to have to learn Hindi, Korean, and Chinese to watch TV in 20 years, after they come home from a hard days work for Indian, Chinese, and Korean bosses who will be more knowledgeable, tech savvy, harder working, and all around better prepared than our keep-'em-ignorant-Comcast population.No, "we don't need no steeeenking fiber" - not US. Nosirree! We got DSL!!! We've come to trust the thieves that have been robbing us blind for years. And so goes the relative evolution of cultures. Prepare to be dominated.

Watch Movies Online Fast And Furious 6 In Hindil

The bottleneck in the network today is really the speed of the Internet's backbone today. FTTH really only makes a difference if you're moving files within the proposed Palo Alto FTTH network. What application is this really going to help? HD video conferencing. You can stream movies into your house today with Netflix. You can also use an AppleTV or Vudu box to download them as well. SD starts immediately and HD with some wait time. The real limiter of this technology isn't the network it's the movie studios holding back content to support the cable and satellite based operators and cable channel owners (HBO and Showtime).You can already work from home on a Cable Modem. What kind of job cannot be done from home because of the last mile limitation??? I don't know of one.If you want to video conference today for free use Skype. They'll be upgrading the quality of the video with time. A blazing fast cable modem works fine. We don't need this until the backbone of the Internet is much, much faster.


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