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Julian Bell
Julian Bell

Love Songs T Series CD2.rar - Google Drive WORK

Thank you for this new band input to my knowing. Your blog design and content are too cool also! I didn't know that archive dot org would archive and entire blog. I may do that with over 7000 rips at the DU blog and my second computer over 20 years finally hard crashed last weekend so I had to wipe the drive clean and reinstall using a 10 year old disk. I lost my windows 3.0 software in the crash as my back up was on another drive that wouldn't read. However, as my luck goes, I found last Sunday on Amazon UK 2 of the original software unopened and I'm sure those are the only left after 20 years. But am used to it as my Ortofon S-120 DJ stylus is no longer made but is the best out there for rippin' so I got the last two in the world on Ebay sitting in my safe waiting for present one to wear out in half a year. I tried one of the new 16 Gb super small external drives with solid state drive instead of mechanical but all the folders I moved to it don't show having any files! So I wrote off that $116 from Amazon and went and got the biggest of the tried and true rotating external drives in their biggest size of 14 Gb and going to back up all my WAV raw files of rips and of course my shuffle play folders of back up MP3 chronologically in 29 folders of 25 Gb or so that I like to play on random and then of course the zipped up MP3 with pictures documenting all parts of the vinyl or CD. Ha ha yes 'hard medicine' is what I get for 3 weeks waiting for an opening at my dentist with my painful cavity in constant pain unless I floss and gurgle with organic coconut oil or eat some fig/chocolate morsel to kill the bacteria pain and of course constantly dabbing it with clove. Hoping to hang in their 2 more weeks until they can fix it. Anyways thanks again. Nathin' Nuthin Sez sent me over.

Love Songs T Series CD2.rar - Google Drive



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