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Pet Harmony Tincture

Pet Harmony Tincture

SKU: AF-11006

After diligent testing on our family's animal rescue farm, we developed and formulated this tincture specifically for our loved pets. Containing only two ingredients - olive oil and 200mg of full-spectrum hemp oil - the flavor is mild and well accepted by pets digestive systems. It can be added to food or given directly in their mouth. For oral application, apply drops between gums and cheek, close mouth, and rub cheek for 30 seconds to facilitate absorption. Just like us, all animals have endocannabinoid systems. This product offers the same benefits of physical and mental balance and well-being that is available in our formulas for humans. From canine to equine and everywhere in between this tincture will give your beloved pet what they are looking for.


GMO-free - Gluten-free - Vegan - Cruelty-free

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