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Lollipop Teen Pictures

When I was a teenage athlete in Indiana, back in the Stone Age, I was warned that anything and everything we did was a reflection of the school, and that we could be executed by firing squad (or something) for anything the school deemed untoward. Fortunately, this was the age before social media, so we had no incriminating pictures. Alas, two volleyball players from Churubusco, Ind., weren't so lucky when their MySpace pictures of, shall we say, suggestive lollipop sucking somehow found their way to their coach and school board, which deemed them untoward, leading to the girls' suspension from all sports and activities for the 2009-10 school year.

lollipop teen pictures

At issue was that the girls' pictures were posted onto a private MySpace account, and some photos printed from that account found their way to a parent, who then brought to the school, which then wanted to girls (with the photos present) to explain themselves to their male coach and an all-male disciplinary board. That doesn't sound awkward or creepy, does it?

Simon's ruling noted that this was a First Amendment issue, and while he would rather be dealing with some impassioned political postings by students, the First Amendment doesn't care whether you're fighting for justice or licking penis-shaped lollipops.

I'm no lawyer, and I'm not sure that the judge's ruling wouldn't have been different if, say, the girls were snorting cocaine off a freshly murdered gigolo's rear end, or something else that might have looked illegal. But while many will still advise teens to be careful about posting online all the crazy things they're doing, being suspended from sports looks like it's not a reason to hold back. Call off the firing squad! 041b061a72


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