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Edgar Mironov
Edgar Mironov

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Inspired by study websites like and, I created this virtual café in Notion. It contains a Pomodoro timer, Spotify playlists of focus music, and a short planning and mindset reframing section for a more productive study or work session. download

HAY, how art you? As the title of this article says, I built a Notion virtual cafe. This page is inspired by study websites like and, and contains a pomodoro timer, motivational quotes as well as focus music to set the vibes for a study or work session.

If your workspace uses Accessy you will receive a text message. Open the link in the text message from Accessy to download the app. Follow the instructions on the screen and verify your account. Choose a pin code, save your recovery code and the accept your invitation.

Benefits-eligible employees who have enrolled in a flexible spending account (FSA) with WageWorks will now see their account under Health Equity. While the name has changed, there are no required actions from employees when using your FSA. Unless expired, you should continue to use your WageWorks Visa debit card to access your benefits. And you can download the EZ Receipts mobile app from Health Equity to view balances, submit receipts, and request reimbursement. If your WageWorks card has expired, you will receive a new one soon.


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