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Where To Buy Hermes Scarves

For the House of Hermès, it all began in 1837. Its speciality was saddle-making and leather goods: two fields of activity in which the brand was very successful. Hermès found a niche that was somewhere between the traditional and the modern. Gradually, it broadened its ranges to include haute couture, fragrances, jewellery and accessories. In this final category, one piece set itself far apart from the others: it is, of course, the famous Hermès scarf, the emblem of the French House throughout the globe. Looking back on the exceptional success of these stylish and fashionable scarves.

where to buy hermes scarves

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Hermès scarves were created by the brand over 80 years ago now, but they remain truly timeless pieces. The years may pass, but they do not get any older, adapting to the tastes of women everywhere and the latest trends. The scarves from this leading House of Fashion are recognisable by their rich prints. The inspirations are diverse and that explains their success: references to animals, art and nature among them. The designs cover many different themes, from the very classic to the more modern. Intended for wear by women who are elegant and refined, Hermès scarves are appealing because of the prestige and quality of their fabric: silk.

Hermès silk scarves are must-have accessories for any self-respecting feminine wardrobes. If their initial prices are not within everyone's reach, Vestiaire Collective is committed to finding a solution to that problem by proposing models from previous collections at more affordable prices. This is a chance to for your neck to be graced with models as unique as they are vintage.

Carré de Paris is a leading onlineboutique specializing in vintage and contemporary authentic Hermès scarves, shawls, ties, ready-to-wear and accessories.We take great care in bringing you mindfully curated collections, and informative articles about your favorite designs and artists.

I would check the auctions at Drouot. You can make bids on line and arrange to have lots sent to you anywhere in the world. Sending auction items out of the EU will save you the full 20% VAT (which is added on the settlement prices).

What was particularly unique about this process was the level of detail that was involved. In fact, each color of the design would be separately printed and would need a month or more to dry before the next one would be applied. (Keep in mind that one of the most complicated Hermès scarf designs was printed in 2006 and had 46 colors and therefore required 46 separate screens.) A testament to the fine work that these scarves feature is that fact that the hem of each and every one is hand rolled and then hand-stitched. This process alone takes about 40 minutes for one scarf. To accommodate this lengthy and intensive art, in 1937 Hermès established a factory in Lyon, France specifically dedicated specifically to the scarf production process.

Every year, Hermès releases two silk scarf collections featuring a dozen designs in each. While some of the designs are new ones, there are also several older prints that are produced with a new array of colors. In addition, limited edition prints are released periodically. Some of the designs that have been featured over the years include equestrian drawings, banners, coats of arms, French cuisine and flora and fauna, among many others. The company also releases two collections annually of scarves made from a silk and cashmere blend.

In fact over the years, Hermès scarves have continued to draw a large audience of followers. In the 1980s, the company set a record with 1.123 million scarves sold. This translated to one scarf being sold every 20 seconds.

You can find Hermès scarves through the Hermès website or through its numerous boutiques located around the world. You can also find them in high-end vintage stores and on Ebay. Just beware if you buy from an unknown source, as many counterfeit scarves are out there.

Discount designer stores also occasionally carry Hermès accessories, but this is very hit or miss. But for instance, currently has a cashmere Hermès scarf for 10 percent off the regular retail price. You can also find samples and vintage scarves on Ebay and in thrift stores if you know what you are looking for. It is important to note, though, that some of the limited edition vintage scarves can actually sell for MORE used than buying a new release scarf in a Hermès store. For instance, one Hermès silk scarf on Ebay recently went for $967 in an online auction, which is about three times the original retail price.

Some women collect Hermès scarves like others might collect coins or baseball cards. In fact, an American is said to have the record number of scarves right now, with a total of 800 in her collection.

If you decide to splurge on one (or more!) or these yourself, just be sure to take proper care of your investment. Some collectors mistakenly frame their scarves and display them on the wall, but in fact, the colors can easily fade from the sun. The best way to store one of these precious scarves is carefully folded inside the box in which it was sold.Filed Under: Fashion & Style

The brand offers a collection of scarves in five sizes that are perfect squares all around. Each scarf has an individual name inspired by its print and ends with a number. The number signifies the size of the scarf.

Carré scarves are by far the most versatile of all the Hermes scarves. The 90 x 90cm dimensions make it big enough to style as a halter or strapless top, while still having enough room to be further styled as a bolero, skirt, vest, or belt.

Since scarves are a classic accessory that adds a touch of flair to simple outfits, plus they enhance and elevate more formal looks, Hermes scarves are bound to be kept in fashion conversations for decades to come.

Respoke repurposes iconic designer silk scarves into one-of-a-kind products like our espadrilles, sneakers, ready-to-wear, fine-art, furniture, and accessories. Respoke footwear is hand-crafted in La Rioja, Spain.

Respoke's products are sustainable. Respoke upcycles existing scarves to give them new life and purpose, while minimizing waste. We use natural fibers and materials that are environmentally friendly. We do not use leather in our production. Our Spanish craftspeople earn a fair wage in family owned workshops, passing along their knowledge for future generations.

Adore both your scarves as well as your blog. I do have a recommendation of an Hermes scarf for you but will not know the name until I return to Manhattan and open the drawer. Until then, have a wonderful summer.

The scarf is quite possibly the most simple accessory: just a square (or rectangle) swatch of fabric, long enough to circle the neck, but not so long as to be considered a blanket. But simplicity can mean brilliance, especially when considering scarves from French luxury brand Hermès.

Hermès first began producing scarves in 1937, a century after the company established its first harness workshop in Paris. Robert Dumas, a member of the Hermès family, created the design for the first scarf using a woodblock; the elaborate, colorful pattern quickly drew attention from women in Paris's high society and before long, the Hermès scarf was the must-have fashion accessory.

Made from imported Chinese silk, the first carrés ("square scarves") were twice as strong as any other silk scarf on the market at the time, and by far the most versatile. Not only could the wearer fashion it around her neck or tie it to her saddle, she could use it for more demanding tasks. Princess Grace Kelly of Monaco, for example, used her Hermès scarf as a chic sling when she injured her arm in 1957.

Since Dumas's first design in 1937, Hermès has employed a number of renowned artists to create the scarves featured in each season. Once an artist conceives a design, it's caref