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Garten Of Banban 2

The Monsters are the main antagonistic faction of the indie horror game series Garten of Banban. Originally created to take care of kids in Banban's Kindergarten, the monsters mysteriously grew feral and preyed on the protagonist when the latter enters the kindergarten to find their missing child.

Garten of Banban 2

A red monster and the lead mascot of Banban's Kindergarten. He tells kids to share and care or he'll take their pancreas. He debuts in Garten of BanBan II, where instead of attacking the player (although he does knock them out), he is later revealed to be good, unlike his friends, and plans to help the player in their pursuit of their children, claiming someone "far stronger" than them, is keeping the children.

Garten of BanBan is a first-person survival horror video game in which players navigate BanBan's kindergarten and survive against "The Monsters," a group of feral children's mascots originally meant to look after children at the kindergarten. The game, which has been compared to others like Poppy Playtime and is considered by some to be a parody of the "childhood mascot horror" genre, is produced by Euphoric Brothers and was released on Steam and the Google Play Store for free in January 2023. It became notably prominent in Let's Play videos, also inspiring fan art and content online. The sequel, Garten of BanBan 2, is set to release on March 3rd, 2023.

Garten of BanBan received mixed reviews online following its release, with some finding it to be a copycat of titles like Poppy's Playtime and criticizing it for following the "childhood mascot horror" genre like so many other horror video games. Others, however, hypothesized that the game is a parody of the genre. On January 9th, 2023, Twitter[5] user @Chikiababy1 started a thread explaining why they believe Garten of BanBan is a satire, garnering over 2,800 likes in two months. On January 14th, Twitter[6] user @useraqua_ posted a screenshot from the game writing, "starting to think garten of banban is a fully satire game just for this secret alone," garnering over 1,600 likes in the same span of time (shown below).

Following the story of the first game, you, the parent protagonist, find yourself down the what was supposed to be the ballpit where your kid and the rest of the kids in the kindergarten last played in. This pit is just part of what appears to be a massive facility constructed deep beneath the daycare.

Strange Events in KindergartenGarten of Banban 2 on Android is a continuation of a rather frightening adventure first-person view, where you will again become a participant in a dark story that takes place on the territory of a kindergarten and a creepy basement location. You will have to re-explore various rooms, look into dark rooms, fraught with danger and puzzles. During the adventure you will meet a lot of different creatures, some will look pretty cute, but it is important to be constantly on the lookout, as any character can be unfriendly.

1. Explore the underworld of Banban Kindergarten: It turns out that Banban Kindergarten has a huge underground facility! Who would have thought? Unfortunately, your discovery is a painful one, as your curiosity crashes your elevator. You must now explore this new area of the facility you landed on, uncover the horrific truth behind this place, and escape with your life.

2. Make more friends: The potential to make friends at Banban Kindergarten is endless! The friends you made in the first Garten in Banban were only a fraction of the ones to make, now that you're trapped in a deeper room after the events of the first game, you're bound to make more! 041b061a72


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